Governor Koster Invites Hotel Managers to Serve Balinese Local Products to the G20 Presidency Delegates

( Governor Wayan Koster specially invited and instructed the 14 hotel managers concerning the accommodation for G20 Delegates, on Tuesday 1st November 2022 at Gedung Gajah hall, Bali Governor Official Resident Jayasabha, in Denpasar.

Firstly, Bali Governor instructed 24 hotel managers to use Balinese local products while serving meals to the G20 Presidency Delegates, such as Balinese rice, chicken eggs, vegetables, fruits, salt, and other Balinese local products. Secondly, they must use Balinese processed-beef, so the meats are tender and has good taste that are not inferior with import quality, since it has passed research tests. Thirdly, hotels must organize Balinese Arak (liquor) cocktail, for example coffee mix with Arak and followed by G20 Presidency Delegates. Fourthly, hotel managers and employments must wear Balinese attires during the G20 Summit.

The direction delivered by Bali Governor Wayan Koster aims to force the Bali Gubernatorial Regulation Number 99 of 2018 on the Marketing and Use of Balinese Local Agricultural, Fishier and Industry Products. In addition, it aims to recover the economy of farmers, fishermen, and artists post COVID-19 pandemic, as well as they are able to directly feel te benefits of G20 Summit.


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